• Indoor soccer league seasons are 6 games minimum.
  • Teams may play a double header, possibly back-to-back games in one evening.
  • Futsal soccer matches are played 5v5 (four field players and a keeper) except for the U5 age bracket.
  • Matches are played on a full court (basketball size) with one referee, official size futsal goals (or smaller determined by the DFA rules) and official match play futsal balls.
  • U5s play on a smaller court, 4v4 (no goal keepers) and small size goals.
  • All matches are 50 minutes in length (2 x 24-minute halves with a 2-minute halftime).
  • Teams consist of 7-10 players each (7 player minimum, 10 player maximum)
    • U5s teams consist of 6-8 players each.

Age brackets:

  • U5 (coed)
  • U8 (coed)
  • U8 (boys/girls)
  • U10 (boys/girls)
  • U12 (boys/girls)
  • U14 (boys/girls)

*Player’s birthdate cutoff is Dec 31/Jan 1.

*Age brackets may be combined to provide the best playing experience for our players.

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